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Saturday, August 25, 2012

ManGroomer Scruff Sculptor Review

This professional cordless Scruff Sculptor by ManGroomer stands out from all their competitors.
With having teenage sons and my husband they are constantly going through male grooming products. The problem that seems to happen that they get dull after several uses pieces of the guards would fall off. Their hair also seems to grow back faster because the shavers that they use doesn't get that close and smoove shave.
We are always interested in searching for that amazing man grooming tool. Tired of those corded shavers or those battery operated groomers that provides no power? Look no further this is the product you have been waiting for. This grooming tool is sleek, user friendly and powerful.

The first time my husband used our scruff sculptor it was on our teenage sons. It seems that they are constantly in need of a shave. Their facial hair was shaped up in no time. Both of my teenagers had side burns and their hair is slightly coarse. The tool had no problem trimming through it.
One of the features the scruff sculptor has is an extra power burst button. This button is designed for hair that is extra thick or coarse. Speaking of power did you know that the Scruff Sculptor has internal rechargeable batteries. All you need to do when you first receive your sculptor is to charge it. They recommend to charge it for 16 hours before the initial use. After that Initial charge it will only take a few hours to restore to a full charge.  

This scruff sculptor has so many features on it. I liked that the whisker belly traps your hair shavings and is easy to dispose of  it.  If there is less mess, then I am all for it.
There is an LED screen on the front of the trimmer it shows the battery power and cutting lengths measured in millimeters.
By pressing the up or down button this will motorized the comb length and will give you the proper shave that you need.
My husband and I thought it was neat that there was a rubberized grip to keep your hands from slipping.The grip also seems to minimize the vibration to the hand with other trimmers you may notice your hands vibrating after use.
You can use this scruff sculptor to shave your beard, touch up your mustache and shape up your hair line.

So if your in the market to purchase a new shaver for that special man in your life. You can find this product and other Man Groomer products at the following retail stores such as Walmart, Target and Bed Bath and Beyond. Be sure to check out ManGroomer's Scruff  Sculptor on their website.
You may also follow them on Facebook  , Twitter and You Tube.


I received one or more of the products mentioned above from ManGroomer at no charge and for review purposes only. All opinions expressed are 100% my own and were not influenced by any other source.

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  1. this is a great grooming tool self sharpening and a motorized gaurd how sweet is that