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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Heat Shift (Lap Top Cooler) Review

Recently I had the pleasure to review a product called the HeatShift by ThermaPAK Technology.
This company ThermaPak, carries several different products for keeping your laptops cool.
They have the HeatShift laptop cooler, Lap Saver and Lap Saver Neo.
Have you ever been on your lap top and the heat from the bottom gets so hot. 
Almost so hot that it could burn you or your legs. Not any more with the HeatShift laptop cooler.
You will not have to worry about excessive heat scalding your skin. 
Most Laptops will heat up after excessive  use. You can start hearing the fan going in your lap top. What the fan tries to do is cool it off. If you have a older lap top the noise is so loud and the fan never seems to shut off. Yes you can buy an additional fan to plug in and use more electricity to keep it from over heating.

Having the HeatShift it will eliminate all of that. HeatShift is a revolution in laptop cooling technology. This pad requires no electricity, no cords and no refrigeration and provides hours of cooling. The cooler is friendly to the environment and increases safety and comfort. This cooling pad is made of safe eco-friendly cooling crystals that has proven to drop up to 10 degrees in temperature of your entire lap top.

I really liked the groove design and it's soft to touch. On the bottom there is also a soft material it feels like a felt or maybe velor.
This HeatShift comes in different sizes. The picture above is a size up to a 17" laptop.
They also come in 13", 15" and like I said a 17". There prices can range from $27.99 and up. I believe it very affordable comparing to their competitor products.
So if your in the market for a new laptop cooler be sure to check them out first. You will be glad you did.
You may visit ThermaPAK on Facebook , Twitter or Website.


  1. I totally need one of these for my new Mac!

  2. My son could really use this, definitely putting it on his Christmas List!

  3. I need a couple of these!! We have lots of "hot" electronics in our house!

  4. I don't have a laptop, but several family members do. This would make a great useful gift. Thanks for sharing your opinions.

  5. ooh, that is crazy with no electricity it cools the laptop. Sound worth looking into. Thanks.

  6. This looks awesome we have a cooler but it runs off the USB so I have to unplug it all the time if I want to use another USB device. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh neat! I need to try this for my laptop!

  8. I need to try this! I have a laptop fan with 3 fans, but it's so fragile and connects via USB! I'm scared I'm going to break the thing! LOL

  9. Save Your money people, if you use your laptop alot and you do gaming this cant help you once the crystals absorb what they absorb thats it, a fan keeps coolnig your laptop that does not it has limits. Did you expect it to absorb the heat forever? LOL