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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ozeri Wok Review & Giveaway

Two words, Ozeri and Amazing! Put those two together and you get one awesome product called Green Earth Wok. Ozeri and their distributor Moderna Housewares have the top of the line household products for every day living. Their designs are sleek, modern and affordable. 
I had a opportunity to review Ozeri Brezza Oscillating Fan in the past you can read it <here>.  I can't say enough how wonderful Ozeri's products are. Ozeri has many other wonderful products such as kitchen and bathroom scales, electric wine openers and a LED book light to name a few.

The 12" Green Earth Wok is a ceramic non stick coating cooking pan. This ultra safe, 100% PTFE and PFOA free wok is the best pan that I ever had used. It is completely eco friendly due to the ceramic coating that omits any harmful fumes. Ecozeri has five multilayered coating with it's powerful non stick ceramic layer, premium top ceramic layer, aluminum, pro base ceramic coating layer and pro ceramic coating bond layer. One of the wok's great features is it's oven safe to 356 degrees and is extremely easy to clean. This wok could be used for stir fry or even cooking every day meals. I decided to use it for my everyday meals and also figured that I would use it with cooking eggs and rice since they are both foods that usually stick to pans. Let me just say I used little butter during cooking. When I was cooking both foods in this wok and my food did not stick even once. I was amazed how easy it was to clean it after use. Below you will see from the pictures how awesome this product really is.

I love this Wok, due to the fact its like a one piece cooking utensil. Most woks or pans have two pieces the cooking part and the handle. Over time the handle loosens up and seems flimsy to use on the stove top. This wok is sturdy, thick and seems as though it will last me for years. I have a large family and we cook all the time. With having six people in my family this pan is certainly enough for a family sized meal without needing another cooking pan plus it is so versatile. I love the fact I can prepare any meal and work my mojo like a chef flipping and simmering over the stove and not having my food stick to the pan. I can just bring the wok over to the plate or vice verse tip the wok and all the contents are on the plate. Say goodbye to those Seven dollar cooking sprays. You will not need them any more. Wonderful Product from a Awesome Company!
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  1. This pan is the best in my collection! Nothing like feeling like a chef cooking for your family =] Great review!

  2. Looks awesome! I would love to have some good kitchen products to use! I love to cook!

  3. This looks nice will be back later on to enter :) PLH