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Friday, September 7, 2012

Air Storm Z Curve Bow Toy Review

Amazing! The Hottest Toy is here! 
This action packed Z-Curve Bow by Zing Toys is terrific!
The Z- Curve Bow comes with 3 soft foam arrows and perfect for ages 8 and up. You will receive 2 Blaze X arrows for awesome long range and one Zartz arrow. On the tip of the Zartz arrow resembles more of a suction cup and can stick to any surface. It has an incredible grip and it's easy to load.
The best and the safest place to launch your Z-Curve Bow would be outside so you can have the space and more of a larger range to shoot your arrow.
The bow is very simple to use , all you need to do is place your arrow inbetween  the two bungee cords pull it back and let it go. There are two rubber pieces on each end of the arrows. You will then place each side of the hook located on the bow onto your arrow. By pulling the end of the arrow it will give you the strength to release your arrow in the air.
As a reminder this toy should never be pointed or aimed at people, pets or anything that is breakable.

My son took the honor in helping me with this review. Grinning from ear to ear like most young boys he loves to shoot things off in the air. My little inventor makes his homemade bow n arrows at least once a week. So you see, he was in "awe" when he seen this. He went into full Robin Hood mode once he got permission to use of this toy. As you see below in the picture we took everything out of the box first to let him inspect and to learn the proper use of Z Curve Bow. Because my son is not the recommended age on this product we stayed close by to redirect him if necessary.

He wouldn't wait any longer to have this blaze arrow take flight to 125 feet in the air. So off to the outdoors we go! Being outside gives you the proper space needed to see this bow in action.

Giggling, laughing and ready to have some fun he was ready! My son placed the arrow on the hooks and we have take off. As you can see from the picture below this arrow flew in the sky. Now there are many fun ways in my opinion to shoot this off. You can have a target and use the zartz arrow which has a (suction cup) tip or you can use blaze arrow (soft foam tip) for a straight shot. Both arrows worked awesome and he couldn't of been happier.

The Air Storm Z Curve Bow was voted Astra "Best Toys for Kids" for 2011 and voted "Best Toys Guide" Award for 2012.
I believe that this awesome toy will be a hot seller this holiday season. Parents you will see your child entertained, active and most of all smiling. Wonderful Toy and I highly recommended it.

You may visit Zing Toys on their website, follow them on Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.


  1. OMG My son would LOVE THIS! and holy cow that went high! Great review!

  2. I would sooo totally have fun playing with this... I don't care that I'm 26! LOL. Looks like a lot of fun!

  3. Wow!! That went far, Jah would love this..Placed on the Birthday wish list!

  4. Wow that is very awesome - my son is too young at the moment but when he gets older I will have to get him one! I love that it gets kids up and outdoors

  5. Wow, I cannot believe how far that arrow went!! That is crazy!
    Amy Desrosiers

  6. Holy cow that went far! My kids would absolutely love playing with this! Thank you for sharing about it!

  7. WHy didn't they have this when I was a kid!!!