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Friday, August 17, 2012

Newmans Own Organic Review & Giveaway

What a delight and a yummy treat it has been to review Newman's Own Organic food products. But I would love to share the story about the Newman's Own Organic Company.
The Newman's Own Organic Company was established as a division of Newman's own back in 1993 then in 2001 because a separate company. Paul Newman has given over $200 million dollars to thousands of charities worldwide since 1982.

There products are certified organic by Oregon Tilth. The ingredients have been grown on farms that have not used pesticides or artificial fertilizers.

The picture above is what I received from Newman's Own Organic. Look at all those yummy organic snacks that I got a honor to review. I would love to share my review on everything but I must choose four of my favorites to share with you.
My four favorites are unsalted pretzel round, Fig Newmans, Apples and Newman O's.

  • Newman's Own Unsalted Pretzel Rounds ingredients are organic unbleached, wheat flour, rye flour, brown rice syrup,  sunflower oil, barley malt, yeast and soda.
These snacks were crunchy, tasteful and very addicting.
  • Fig Newman's are wheat free and dairy free. The ingredients are organic barley flour, sugar, figs, corn syrup, corn flour, brown rice flour, water, palm fruit oil, glycerine, natural flavors, leavening, xanthan gum, salt and soy lecithin.
These snacks were moist and flavorful. I loved them.

  • Newman's Organic Apples  ingredients dried organic apple rings.
Oh if you love dried fruits you will love these apples. You can not have only one, these are a yummy snack and good for you.

  • Newman's O's  are made with organic flour and sugar. They contain soy and wheat ingredients.
I saved this for last. It's my favorite!
Newman's O's are a creme filled mint chocolate cookie. Oh they are heavenly. The best part is that you don't have to share them.

Before I had this opportunity to review Newman's Own Organics, I truly wouldn't have known all the great organic snacks that they carry. This company has it all.
I highly recommended Newman's Own Organics and  the next time your look for a great snack check them out in your local grocery store. You will be glad you did.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above from Newmans Own Organic at no charge and for review purposes only. All opinions expressed are 100% my own and were not influenced by any other source.

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  1. WOW - now that's some goodies!!! Love that actor and do like his products - what a neat review!

  2. Newman's Own Organics are delicious! I have not found one NOO product my family does not love! Enjoy!

  3. This sounds way healthier than what we snack on here lately lol They all sound delicious too!

  4. Great review.. This stuff sounds great! I am going to have to check this out!!

  5. To me food is food I dont really get into the organic vs the not but I am willing to try anything that is something I would normally eat. Like to me a strawberry is a strawberry and I'm willing to eat it no matter how its grown so I would definitely eat this stuff! Looks good I wonder if they sell it in my area. But to me organic vs non organic is like red cap or blue cap its the same to me.

  6. Have you tried the Chocolate cups? Oh my goodness those made me think I have in heaven! Loved them!

  7. Oh yeah, they have such good products!We loved the cups and the Oreo's.

  8. Wow! that looks so good! I'm coming to your house for some snacks!

  9. Mmm wow that is a lot of goodies! I love their cookies, yum!

  10. I LOVE NEwman's Own! Thats a nice box of goodies :)

  11. fig newmans

  12. PB cups

    Jeana O'donnell-Murphy

  13. Cookies, Oatmeal chocolate chip yum

  14. I'd like to try the Extra Virgin Olive Oil,

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  15. Wow, what a great assortment of snacks they carry! Great for the kids lunches,

  16. I love the Fig Newman's, they are really good! Thanks so much for hosting this great giveaway!


  17. The Sour Strawberry Licorice!! My fave.!! :)

  18. i ca not do the net wrk blog i ma sorry but ilike the stuff and would love to try and blog on it and then put on tube and then on my site pin u tube fb twtter link etc

    desi the blonde at msn dot com

  19. Fig Newmans sound great!


  20. out of the choices you listed pretzels

  21. I have tried some of the products that Newman's produces but never knew that there were this many to choose from. I think my favorite might be the Newman's O's

  22. fig bars and dark chocolate are awesome.
    thanks for the opportunity!

  23. I would enjoy the unsalted pretzel rounds!
    Lisa Hackney