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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Healthy Home Starter Kit Review

I had a wonderful opportunity recently to review the Healthy Home Starter Kit  from buy green.com. 
But first I would to share some information about the company buy green.
This amazing company not only promotes Eco Friendly products for a better living but they also give back 1% of their sales to environmental causes.
Just like consumers, they love to buy products for their families and for the goodness of our planet.
Buy Green even offers great green living tips and resources to help you discover how to reduce waste. They even offer products for consumers and for commercial use.

I was interested in the healthy home starter kit because it's a great introduction to start living "green" and with these products now I can. These eco friendly and non toxic cleaning products are a great way to introduce them into your home. The Epic free n clear cleaning products are biodegradable and does not contain no dyes or petroleum.
This wonderful kit includes:
  • Recyclable Basket
  • Epic All Purpose Cleaner, Glass & Mirror cleaner, Dish Soap and Hand Soap
  • A Twist Euro clothe and sponge
  • A Twist  Loofah and Naked sponge 
  • Twist bamboo cloth Bio bag Tall Kitchen bags
  • Chico re-useable shopping bags
  • Buy Green.com 100% Organic cotton shopping bag
I first tried out the all purpose cleaner on my stove and I will say that most cleaning products will leave a streak but not this cleaner. My stove has never looked so clean . It gave a nice shine and a clean smell. The glass and mirror spray worked wonderful no streaks and no odor. Just a clean finished look.
What I am really impressed about is the Twist sponge cloths. One cloth outlasts 17 rolls of paper towels. It works wonderful as you clean and wipe. You may use this sponge in the kitchen, for cleaning furniture, bathroom and automobiles. What is also a great feature is your sponge cloth is dishwasher safe. So you may refresh it over and over again. 

If you are looking for a change and want to start "green" be sure to check out Buy Green. com for all your needs.
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  1. I love that! I am all about recycling! Paper, cans, plastic!! I am going to have to check into that~!~!~ GREAT REVIEW~!~!~

  2. We are all about green at our house. Thanks for letting me know about such a wonderful company.

  3. Very nice review. I think this is great for someone who wants to start going green but does not know where to start like myself.

  4. I like the idea of the glass cleaners cause the ones my bf buys stink like crazy.

  5. Many thanks for taking part in protecting our environment. There are only few companies which think about helping our environment.

    How To Buy

  6. This sounds awesome! Thank you for sharing!