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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Loki Costume Review & Giveaway

Bonkers4coupons  had the honor to do a review on Loki the character from the movie Thor.
Actually my brave and supportive teenage son did. If you have not followed the movie Thor.. Loki is the dark and evil brother of Thor. His plot was to destroy earth as the norse god of mischief.
My son seen this costume on Buy Costumes.com and knew this is what he wanted to be. As you see my teenager took great pride in acting out the part..The Loki costume is a very unique one. Most individuals want to be a good guy or super hero Loki is neither one. He is a villain who just starred in this summers block buster smash  The Avengers. The costume showed below is right out of the movie. It is very detailed and gives the appearance of muscular definition a well as mystical powers. The helmet makes the costume it can be attributed to that of a taurus a mystical bull in the astrological realm.   

The Loki costume came with a jumpsuit, cape and helmet. What I liked about the costume was the material it was very well made. The back of the jumpsuit has velcro on it which makes it easier to fasten. The helmet is made out of plastic. It comes in two parts which also has velcro. On the back of this costume is the attached green cape.

Buy costume.com has a great selection of the newest costumes out.They have mens,womens, teens and kids. They even have pet costumes. The costumes are fair in price. So if your looking for a costume please check out Buy costumes.com for all your Halloween needs.
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  1. My toddler will

    1. And it would be Hulk or Batman - he goes back and forth with his decision

  2. My husband would get the costume if I won! :)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. My son wants to be this: Zombie Complete Child Costume - so that is what I'd order from the site!

  4. My daughter would get the costume if i won, thank you