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Monday, July 16, 2012

Galapagos Explorer Cruise Review

Have you ever been on a cruise that every turn you make is a natural paradise? Now you can with enjoying a Galapagos Cruise. First thing your saying is where is it and how do I book?
The Galapagos Island is located in the pacific ocean about 600 miles away from South America.
There are more than sixty islands and islets. Did you know that it is one of the largest protected areas in the world? Considering the  small size of the islands you would be surprised to know that they have a great numbered of species there.
This cruise, Explorer II is a all suite luxury accommodations. They offer five categories of suites Renaissance Balcony, Majestic Balcony, Deluxe Balcony, Renaissance Panoramic and Classic. The rooms are a average of 250 sq ft. There are social areas on this ship which include entertainment and restaurants. Which includes a piano bar, main lounge, sun deck and hot tub. They also provide excursions to the islands and activites on the boat. You can explore photography, glass bottom boat, snorkeling and elevations.
They are committed on quality and safety. Visit the website to get a full version on what the boat is certified by.
You might be saying ok how do I book this wonderful vacation or where do I start?
For updated cruise dates and Itinerary information you may visit Galapagos Cruise online. You can also view the cruise dates and booking information.
Be sure to read the 11 things to know before you travel to Galapagos. This will give you useful information to help your travels more accommodating.
So if you thinking more of a natural paradise cruise vacation, Choose Galapagos Cruise for all your vacation needs.

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  1. This sounds amazing, would love to see some pictures. Thanks for sharing!