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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dog the Bounty Hunter Plus Size Costume Review

Aloha from the man himself Dog the Bounty Hunter. What I mean is how awesome is this costume. My son with pride had the honor to help me with  a review for a plus size costume from plus size costume super center.  As you can see my son is a healthy teenage boy and is a big fan of dog the bounty hunter. So this was quite the honor and fun costume for him.

For all those who don't follow Dog the Bounty Hunter on television, he is a well known bounty hunter and lives in Hawaii that goes on bounty hunts for his wanted criminals.
Like I said my son is a healthy and tall teenager for his age. Because of this at times I need to buy plus size clothes. I'm glad to know that Plus size costume super center specializes in just that Plus Size.
At Plus Size Costume Super Center you can find costumes for plus size women and mens Plus size couples, wigs, hats and  accessories.
What I enjoy the about the website is all the different costume designs you can choose from. There is something for everyone's taste. I believe that the pricing for these costumes to be fair and reasonable.

Dog the bounty hunter's costume comes with the wig, vest,  gloves,  badge, sunglasses and a leg strap with a toy knife.
The wig has elastic around the bottom to give you more of a secure feeling.
Dog's vest is made from a black faux leather material and is light enough that you could wear a shirt underneath.

So if your looking for a plus size costume check out plus size costume super center for all your needs.
See ya later bruh! :)


  1. HAHAHA! That is so awesome! I can't stop laughing. Tell your son he did a great job helping you out. :) I wonder if they have any Leland costumes out there...

  2. What a sport he was to dress up for you! Great costume! I'll have to keep this place in mind come October!

  3. I may need the plus cause when i got my normal size on another site it was sized smaller and ended up fitting my daughter.

  4. hahahaha! I loved this and literally laughed several times! Looks like your son had a great time reviewing the costume! Looks like a great costume too! As a plus size gal, I'll have to check them out!

  5. Looks like a fun costume place. Hardly anyone has costumes for plus, so this is a great find.

  6. lol - that's awesome!!! He looks great!! :-)