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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Best Buy Deal of the Day

Today's deal at Best Buy is Game of Thrones video game. Today only you can get this for $19.99 saving you $40 off. This is available for X-box, and PS-3 systems and will ship for Free!
Be advise that Game of Thrones is for a mature audience and is a 1 person player game.

This George R.R. Martin's words and HBO's intense scenes stole you away to the world of Westeros and plunged you into the gritty, ongoing war plaguing the medieval realm. Today, the only remaining barrier between you and the Seven Kingdoms is falling away. Today, you are no longer a witness to the Game of Thrones — today, you become its most pivotal player. The busy streets and alleys of King's Landing and the blood-soaked battlefields no longer pass before your eyes — they invite you inside and alter based on your actions. You won't just be impacted by the vivid reality of the world of Westeros — you will impact it as you take a central role in the Game of Thrones.

Written under the supervision of George R.R. Martin and incorporating likenesses of characters from the HBO series, Game of Thrones immerses you fully into the continuing saga that's captivated fans around the globe. As the original storyline unfolds, two veteran soldiers of Robert's Rebellion begin to shift the fate of the Seven Kingdoms in two disparate directions. Take on the role of one of these two crucial characters and embark on perilous quests to determine the outcome of the epic war. Engage in high-pressure battles that slow down but never stop, with the Active Slowdown Tactical Combat Engine that forces you to make quick, yet mindful decisions mirroring the series' unique approach to war and politics. Spanning more than 30 hours of action-packed, RPG game play, Game of Thrones brings to life one of the greatest fantasy sagas of all time. How will you shape the next chapter of the epic war?

  • Play as one of two original characters, both former soldiers of Robert's Rebellion, but each driven by very different motives, in an immerse action RPG that covers more than 30 hours of game play
  • Embark on numerous challenging quests throughout the medieval fantasy world of Westeros to help determine the outcome of the ongoing war for power of the Seven Kingdoms
  • Make thoughtful, yet pressured decisions that mirror those faced by characters in the series, as the Active Slowdown Tactical Combat Engine slows the fighting, but never lets it fully stop
  • Battle merciless enemies, forge powerful alliances and interact with integral characters as you explore the streets and alleys of King's Landing and other key locations from the series
  • Enjoy a series-authentic experience as you unravel an original storyline that was written under the supervision of George R.R. Martin and features the likenesses of some of the actors portrayed in the HBO series
  • For 1 player
  • Experience the action and drama of the epic, award-winning George R.R. Martin book series and HBO TV phenomenon first-hand as you take an active role in the raging war for the Seven Kingdoms

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