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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Target Daily Deals! Bogo 50% off All Mens Apparel

Today at Target.com and only today you can get all mens apparel for bogo for 50% off.
This is awesome timing with father's day around the corner!
Here is a great shirt will starting prices @$19.99 ea. They come in many different colors and sizes.
Remember you buying one and getting one for 50% off. So your paying 2 for $30. Great Deal!

You can also get mens shoes for bogo for 50% off. Here is a pair of dressy mens shoes that I had found. They are priced @ 29.99. So you are buying the shirt above for $19.99 and the shoes for $29.99, you would get half off the shirt. So you would be paying only $ 40.00 for both, a shirt and shoes. I wanted to give you a example, But I am sure you get the picture. This is a wonderful sale and this would be a great time to stock up on some things for dad.

Target Daily Deals - BOGO 50% Off on All Men's Apparel


  1. wow that's a good deal, I didn't even think to check the Target daily deals today. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Thanks for sharing. It helps those of us that don't have time to check for deals.

  3. Always looking for good deals on clothes for my hubby! Thanks for posting!!! ;)