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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


At Sears.com, You can get Ubisoft Battle Tag 2 Player Laser Tag Starter Pack for Pc/ w up to 8 player option for $64.99 . Saving you $135.00. This is a great deal!

                                                 Here is a Description:

Looking for an exciting adventure you can share with family and friends? Ubisoft’s Battle Tag transforms your world into a real-life videogame, turning your living room, your backyard, or anywhere into your own personal playground! Play alone or with your friends - up to 8 players - in a wide variety of adrenaline-filled activities and team matches. Take your T-Blaster and strap on the sensor vest. Reload your gun with ammo packs, increase your life points with med-kits, and go to your T-base to respawn. Your PC is the Game Master, and will direct you, challenge you, and tally your results. You can't fool the Game Master, it knows when you've been hit, or scored a hit! With Ubisoft’s Battle Tag, the world is your playground!
Condition: NEW Packaging: Retail Manufacturer: UBISOFT Model: 59650 Features Include: Plug and Play - plug the UbiConnect directly into your PC Your PC is the Game Master Up to 8 players in a Multitude of Activities - play alone or with up to 8 players Real Worlds, Real Objects - take your T-Blaster and strap on the sensor vest Create new free content 300 meter gaming range Compatible with PC

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