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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Did you know?

Something to remember when visiting Walt Disney World Parks

Did you know that you can bring in a small cooler? The answer is Yes you can. I know from my own experiences, Having burgers and Fries or fast foods are hurting your wallets plus your stomachs. Eating at the parks can be very expensive specially when traveling with little ones. Between getting snacks and drinks alone can cost you some extra pennies. My advice for people who are traveling to disney, bring a cooler, pack some sandwiches, some drinks and snacks. Even better try to eat before you visit, that will save you tons of money. The money that you save will help you a great deal. Happy Travels!

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  1. load up the cooler you already are into the parks for atleast a grand take chips dips waters juices make some hoagies and gets some cookies just let security check you in and you will save atlease a hundred dollars from not having to eat a meal in any park a single bag of doritos is 2.56 a burger is 10 cooked or not if you can cut corners on food and buy your t shirts at walmart nearby you can splurge on other things while your there